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Project Planning and Management (PPM) is common to all sectors of information technology, engineering, and management. Developing software is a project as much as designing an automobile component. CADD Centre courses impart training in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (which are standards or best practices), compiled by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s premier professional association of project managers. Project management training in Dhaka from 2010.

We teach software tools that are used to initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and complete a project within the estimates of schedule, budget, and resources. The courses explain the industry standard concepts of project management and provide hands-on experience in handling powerful project management tools. After obtaining the training, students can apply for the following job positions in project management training Dhaka.

->Planning Engineer
->Cost Estimator
->Project Co-ordinator
->Project Manager
->Portfolio Manage



Duration : 16 hrs.


The course is designed to provide the participants with Project Management

fundamentals.PPM concepts course is the preparatory training intended to provide insights into the

knowledge areas of Project Management as defined by the Project Management Institution, USA.

Thorough knowledge on Project Management Concepts enables the professionals to understand the

scope and handle projects efficiently in an organization.

Expected Learning Outcome:

After completing this course, the professionals will be able to

 Understand Project Management as recommended by PMI

 Understand the Project Management Process & the knowledge areas

 Understand the application Project Management principles within the work environment

Course Justification:

This course is essential for anyone aspiring to become successful project managers,

managers, supervisors, team leaders, or consultants who are actively involved in the project

management activities as part of project teams and for whom project management is an integral

part of their job profile.

Course Curriculum:

 What is a Project?

 Project management life cycle

 Project Management Processes

 Initiation

 Planning

 Execution

 Controlling

 Closure

 Project Knowledge Areas

 Project Scope Management

 Project Time Management

 Project Cost Management

 Project Human Resource Management

 Project Quality Management

 Project Risk Management

 Project Communications Management

 Project Procurement Management

 Project Integrations Management




Duration : 30 hrs.

Software used:

Microsoft Office Project 2013/16


The course is designed to make many Project Managers computer ready!

The course teaches the project management tools of Microsoft Office Project. Participants will learn

how the MSP is applied and implemented in small and medium size projects with limited activity.

Project Management professionals with through knowledge on the concept and tool could

effectively manage their projects and make more profits.

Expected Learning Outcome:

After completing this course, students will be able to

 Use MS Office Project effectively to manage projects

 To have better control on cost overrun and time over run.

 Use the MS Office Project tool for improving the organizational Productivity

Course Justification:

 After completing the course students can employ in

 Software Services Companies

 Construction industries

 Professionals/Managers from various industries.

 Engineering services outsourcing firms.

Books to be given:

 Microsoft Project Reference guide

 Project work book

Course Curriculum:

 Introduction to Microsoft project

 Defining calendars

 Planning & scheduling techniques Building relationship

 Linking tasks

 Constraints in projects

 Work Breakdown structure

 Cost Estimation

 Resources

 Resource leveling

 Reporting

 Tracking the Project progress

 Earned value management

 Customizing MS Projects

 Handling multiple projects


Duration : 40 hrs.

Software use d:

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Manager (p8.2)


The course is designed to make the participants a Project Management Professional.

Objective of this course is to build capability to manage large projects over millions of

activity among young and growing managers. Primavera helps the designers to save

millions of dollars every day globally. A course on Primavera will add professional value to

the individual.

Expected Learning Outcome:

After completing this course, students will be able to

 Use Primavera Project effectively to manage large and complex projects

 To have better control on cost overrun, time over run and resource management to

manage projects at multiple locations

 Use the Primavera for improving the organizational Productivity

Course Justification :

After completing the course students become ready to be employed in

  1. Construction industries
  2. Manufacturing industry
  3. Engineering services outsourcing firms

Books to be given:

Primavera Project Planner Reference guide with workbook

Course Curriculum:

 Project Management Life Cycle

o Introduction about Project and its management.

o Process Groups.

 Primavera

o P6 EPPM Suite.

o GUI of P6 Release 8.2 web and client.

 Initiating Process Group

 Data Structure of Primavera

o About Organizational Breakdown Structure

o About Enterprise Project Structure

 Preferences

o Importance of Administer tab in web.

o About user preference in client.

 Planning Process Group

 Projects

 Calendars

 Work Breakdown Structure

 Relationship

 Scheduling

 Constraints

 Codes

 Roles

 Resources & Its Team

 Resource Plan

 Assigning a Resource

 Resource Analysis & Leveling

 Baseline

 User Defined Fields

 Budget

 Execution Process Group

 About Notebook, Feedback, Cost Accounts, Expenses

 Update

 Documents

 Issues

 Risk

 Check in & Check out

 Monitoring & Control Process Group

 Tracking

 Views

 Portfolio

 Dashboards

 Closing Process Group

 Reports

Project Planning Management (Mechanical Professionals)[/one_third]
Project Planning Management (Management Professionals)[/one_third]
Project Planning Management (IT Professionals)[/one_third_last]

Project Planning Management (Electrical Professionals)[/one_third]
Project Planning Management (Civil Professionals)[/one_third]
MS Project Reference Guide[/one_third_last]

Primavera Reference Guide

  1. PPM Concept- 10 PDUs
  2. MSP – 30 PDUs
  3. Primavera – 30 PDUs
  4. PMP Preparatory Training – 40 PDUs
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