ISO Certification


Having ISO-certified training can be important for individuals and organizations who want to demonstrate that they have received training that meets international standards. ISO-certified training can provide assurance that the training has been developed and delivered according to a recognized quality management system and that it meets the needs of the learner and the industry. Additionally, ISO-certified training can enhance the credibility and reputation of the individual or organization that has received the training.



Training centers may choose to obtain ISO certifications to demonstrate their commitment to quality management and continuous improvement. ISO certifications can also help training centers to improve their internal processes and ensure that they are meeting industry standards. Additionally, ISO CERTIFIED TRAINING CENTER can enhance the credibility and reputation of a training center.

It’s great to hear that TIM Computer Training Centre has been committed to maintaining ISO standards since its inception in 2010. This demonstrates their dedication to providing quality training services and continuously improving their processes. By adhering to ISO standards, TIM Computer Training Centre can ensure that they are meeting industry requirements and providing their clients with high-quality training.

Tim Computer has been providing world-class training in Bangladesh since 2010. With over a decade of experience, they have established themselves as a leading provider of quality training programs. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the positive feedback they have received from their clients and students. Tim Computer offers a wide range of training programs, including courses on CAD, CAM, PMI-Project Management, computer programming, web development, graphic design, and more. Their expert trainers use the latest teaching methods and technologies to ensure that students receive the best possible education. If you’re looking for quality training in Bangladesh, Tim Computer is definitely worth considering.


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