CREATIVE NOTION (INDIA) AND TIM (BD) JOIN VENTURE PROGRAMS, this project is running by the Upskillsbd. See below-

Course Name- Sales & Marketing

You will learn-

  1. Enjoy selling by befriending customers
  2. Close deals with confidence
  3. Be organized and efficient
  4. Understand the selling process and how to master it
  5. Feel confident preparing for a sales meeting
  6. Know different selling styles and their uses
  7. Why we need Marketing
  8. Why a career in Marketing can be really interesting?
  9. How to build a Marketing plan?
  10. Understand customers and their needs, wants, and demands
  11. Perform marketing research
  12. Carry out customer segmentation
  13. Set up the 4Ps of Marketing
  14. Leverage product mix and pricing strategies

Course name Master Class for Professionals

Course Name- Students Master Class

Course Name- Online Yoga (for Ladies only)

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